New buyback norms may safeguard NBFC from risks

By demanding that NBFC subsidiary of a company that wishes to buyback its stocks have a much tighter debt-to-equity ratio than mandated by RBI, SEBI appears to be thinking of the long-term benefit of investors and the market at large.

Govt mulls new financial services ETF

After the success of CPSE ETF and Bharat 22 ETF, the government is mulling to launch a new exchange-traded fund with stocks of financial institutions, a senior finance ministry official said.

Govt asks tariff body to compute cost to make sugar

After a gap of 10 years, the government has asked the Tariff Commission to come up with the actual cost of sugar production after reviewing the full performance of mills during 2017-18 (Oct-Sep), a source said.

Man who missed pulse of people, yet again

The entire party brass of Congress has been wiped out from Parliament shows that Rahul Gandhi just could not get the pulse of the masses and failed to gain their trust with his solutions even amid spreading economic distress, and it was time to overhaul the party.

Mixed response from foreign media on Modi’s win

While some foreign media termed it as a positive for India and expressed hope that the mandate will help Narendra Modi push economic reforms, others raised concerns over the rise of Hindu nationalism and status of Muslims in India.

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