Our powerful but simplified analytical tools gives you a winning edge.

Cogencis WorkStation offers a range of analytics to augment user workflows. These tools are designed to process and analyse real-time market data for faster decision making.

Frequently used Analytical Tools


New Alerts can be set on any logical fields. Users can also set limit Alerts and specify the duration for which an alert remains valid and when it should break.

Bond Calculator

The Bonds Calculator allows you to carry out "what-if" calculations on Fixed Income instruments. Use the bond calculator to price any bond.

Broken Date Calculator

The Broken Date Calculator allows you to carry out Broken Data calculations based on FX Forward Rates. This calculator allows Forward Outright calculation for usual tenors or any broken date.


Cogencis WorkStation has integrated a state-of-art charting tool, which covers an exhaustive list of studies and pattern which is must for traders & analysts.

Derivative Calculator

The Derivative Calculator allows you to carry out "what-if" calculations on Derivatives instruments. For example, to see what effect a change in the Instrument's price will have on the instrument's various volatility values. However, the Risk-Free Interpolation Method option in the Derivative Calculator offers better customization and provides various interpolation methods including Nearest Date, Linear, Log-Linear, Cubic Spline and Nelson-Siegel-Svensso.

Excel Add-in

The Excel add-in can be used to display updating or snapshot data that are sent from Cogencis WorkStation via the RTD Service or DDE link. It can be individual fields, quotelistlines, tick data or the entire chart using OLE technique. Multiple ways are accepted like embedded real time, cell referenced real time, array real time formulae.

EFI Viewer

Economic and Financial Indicator (EFI) Viewer enables you monitor release of key Economic Financial Indicators. It provides a tabular outline of the major economic overview and let’s user compare data across countries. The interval range will let the data flow for the current and historical period as well.

Peer Comparison

Displays the list of Peer Group based on Market, Country or Region. Choice to set up your own peer groups is possible. Setting up favourite Peer Group and further filtering is also available.


A state of art stock analysis and screening tool helping the user to quickly browse through the entire stocks data with user defined set criteria. The WorkStation also offers a range of screener for idea generations. The screeners can be used to filter companies, funds, securities with specific criteria.

Advanced Analytical Tools

Cogencis Risk Analyser (CRA)

CRA provides rich analytics for a range of Fixed Income securities, including Government Securities (GSecs), State Development Loans (SDLs), Corporate Bonds, Commercial Papers (CPs), Certificates of Deposits (CDs) and Treasury Bills (TBs). The tool also generates risk measures such as Duration, Modified duration, Convexity and PVBP for both; Security as well as Portfolio level. Users can computes Value-at-Risk (VaR) of portfolio using Parametric (Variance – Covariance) and Historical Simulation methods across various confidence levels - 94% to 99.5%.

FX Derivative Pricer (FXDP)

FXDP enables user to get valuation for Forex swaps and Options by using multiple Volatility sources like FEDAI, NDF or OTC. Users can value both plain vanilla and strategy options using Market and Model volatilities and compute Greeks for plain vanilla options as well as for each leg of multiple leg strategies like SEAGULL, BUTTERFLY, RANGE FORWARD, RISK REVERSAL, SPREAD , STRADDLE, STRANGLE and SYNTHETIC FORWARD options. The Swap Calculator provides valuation for different types of swaps like Interest Rate swap (IRS), Currency Swap, Coupon Only Swap (CoS) , Principal only Swap (PoS), Basis Swap, Amortization Swaps and CCIRS.