Fixed Income Trading & Fund Management

Fragmented and skewed liquidity, dominance of over-the-counter trades, diversified regulations and availability of fragmented information from diverse sources makes it difficult to determine price or value securities and manage credit risks. Our flagship product- Cogencis WorkStation, connects all the dots to provide a complete picture, to trade with confidence and gauge price and associated risks accurately.

Connecting the Dots

Cogencis WorkStation provides a 360° coverage of Indian Fixed Income and Money Markets. We receive rates from every single source that is relevant, whether an Exchange or OTC. We track over 20,000 securities, virtually everything issued by Indian issuers, and provide the most comprehensive coverage of the ‘terms and conditions’ data.

We literally connect all the dots to tell you what’s happening now and might happen next. Information on rating migration; company financials and fundamental data; benchmark and reference rates, movement in deposit rates; detailed coverage of macroeconomic and industry data; daily news coverage on regulators and fund raising activities.

Generate Wining Ideas

Whether you are a Fixed Income trader or a dealer; an analyst or a Fund Manager; an advisor or a deal maker or a Risk Manager, Cogencis WorkStation helps you generate winning ideas.

The Cogencis WorkStation provides powerful data, news and real time analytical capabilities that lets you screen securities or issuers; build scenarios, track funding and fund-raising activities and compare yields.

Benchmark your Performance

Lack of liquidity makes it hard for traders and fund managers to discover the fair value of a bond and manage your portfolio risks. Cogencis WorkStation bundles security level valuation (SLV) data to enable transparent benchmarking, mark-to-market and portfolio valuation; NSE Fixed Income Indices to measure alpha and tools for portfolio risk management and attribution analysis. Everything integrated into one open platform.

No one understands the Indian Fixed Income market like we do. You can count on us!

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