CURIOSITY drives everything we do at Cogencis

Curiosity is our biggest asset and it’s in our DNA. Our curiosity to understand the market trends and challenges faced by today’s market professional drives us to build and manage the most comprehensive database on Indian financial market, bring exclusive market moving news on our platform and continuously upgrade our analytical capability. It is Curiosity that drives everything we do at Cogencis. Together we learn, innovate, solve customer challenges and thrive professionally.

If you are curious about financial market, think big or interested in building and managing high growth business then you should explore opportunities with us. Whether you’re a student or graduate with or without any experience or an experienced professionals we would interested to hear from you. We are genuinely interested to know the real you, your professional and academic experiences, and the positive impact you’ve made along the way.

Why NSE Cogencis?
We are an equal opportunity employer and we strive to create a workplace that is not only employee friendly but puts our employees at the centre of our organisation. Wellbeing and mental health of our employees are a clear priority for us at Cogencis.

What we do?

Sales & Account Management

As part of Sales and Account Management function you will be responsible for managing our business relationships and create strategy for future growth. You will manage the full sales cycle and customer experience. You will be the voice of our customers in our decision making and innovation process.

Data Operations & Analytics

Data Operations is the Heart of our organisation. As member of the data team you will be responsible for either collating data or refining data or analysing data that hundreds of our users would rely upon to take critical business decisions.

Technology Organisation

Our technologist create innovative solutions that help our user access, analyse and integrate data and actionable insights. Our technology team ensures our tech infrastructure is resilient and failsafe.

Job Opportunities

Opportunities for Students

We’re looking for current undergraduate and graduate students for full-time opportunities in a variety of roles; including Account Management, Customer Support, Product Management, Research & Analysis, Software Development, Technology Support and many more.

Opportunities for Experienced professionals

We are growing at fast pace and therefore we are always in search of professionals from diverse backgrounds with rich experience and skills matching the industry requirement to join us and add value to the organisation.