Commodity Trading & Research

Cogencis WorkStation provides you real-time data to analyse trend and trade profitably. Whether it is real-time insight on global supply chain, international trade or any other factors influencing the global supply and demand equations or streaming data from global commodity hubs or exchanges. Cogencis WorkStation captures all of it for you to track and understand the dynamics of the global commodity market. Our global coverage is complemented with price trends across mandis, market insights, trade statistics and economic data captured by our experienced data analysts. You can use our integrated solution to confidently trade, invest and hedge your exposures in commodities.

Analyse Price Trend

Access & analyse real-time data from global and local exchanges including CBOT, NYMEX, NCDEX, MCX. Track daily spot prices from over 50+ mandies, data released by various ministries, government and Industry associations covering progress in agricultural activities, international trade. Subject the streaming data to sophisticated analytical tools to plot chart, combine technical studies for further analysis and inference

Gain Insights

Ground level reporting by informist news reporters about cropping patterns, acreage, rainfall, progress in rainfall, production and factors impacting demand supply will help gauge local market trends. Real-time updates from Dow Jones’ global commodity coverage will ensure that you are aware of all global events that’s unfolding and likely impact the market sentiment and physical flow of commodities.

Hedge Risk

Use real-time commodity and FX rates to analyse the risk and return potential. And then identify the right opportunity to hedge your risks or take a position in the market.

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