Cogencis WorkStation provides you with news, data about companies, competition, industry, market and economy. Cogencis WorkStation is a great source of insight for every senior executive across corporate functions – strategy, planning, investor relations or corporate communications. Because the real facts that unfolds without the noise & drama, matters the most.

Market Moving News

News is important. And we bring it from the best sources to keep you updated. Cogencis WorkStation provides exclusive access to market moving news from Informist. Dow Jones, the Wall Street Journal, Market News Internal, and Action Economics provide global perspectives to users. Everything is delivered in real time and seamlessly across your devices, both desktop and mobile.

Data Access

Data is the foundation for better decision making. The challenge is to have it, when you need it. Cogencis WorkStation ensures you have access to Market data, pricing data, reference data, company information, filing and corporate event data or real-time update on important economic events and data releases from G20 countries. Your decision making should not suffer for paucity of data.


Cogencis WorkStation allows you to create simple custom workspace to organise quote monitor, news monitor and charts in a simple integrated view. Simple tools to view Top News of the hour or historical trend of an economic parameter. Our simplified analytical tools keep you alerted on the changes that matters to you and to your organisation.

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