Corporate Treasury

Capital is always limited; therefore, it must be protected and grown. Our flagship product, Cogencis WorkStation, gives a detailed account of activities done by industry peers and provides with actionable insights. Data, News, and Real-time analytics capabilities of Cogencis WorkStation lets you monitor market trends, hedge risks and benchmark investment performance. The WorkStation helps you automate management reporting and daily mark-to-market with Microsoft Excel Integration feature. NSE Cogencis offers an unmatched value proposition for a wide spectrum of financial market participants, especially the Corporate Treasury operations.

Monitor & Analyse Market

Every day there are new opportunities and associated risks in the market. The Cogencis WorkStation signals you about these opportunities and risks so that you can act with knowledge. It streams market data and news from best local and global sources, indices, benchmarks, reference rates, company financials and rating changes. This universe of data is delivered through one integrated and customisable workspace which makes market monitoring easy and lets you analyse trends effortlessly. With Cogencis WorkStation you always stay connected, stay informed and never miss an opportunity.

Raise Fund

In today’s competitive market everyone wants a share of the pie. And the markets reward the one who is competitive. Cogencis WorkStation delivers critical inputs and actionable insights that informs you about what your peers are doing so that you can plan your move to stand out; choose the right partner and time your go-to-market while raising resources.

Hedge your Risks

Volatility may not be desirable, but it is unavoidable. Any changes in the global financial market can disturb the market dynamics. The best you can do is to be prepared. Cogencis WorkStation provides you real-time updates on global currency, commodity markets, economic and political developments and demand & supply factors so that you can analyse and manage your risks appropriately.

Manage your Cash

Your investment portfolio impacts your bottom-line and your enterprise valuation. That is why it is important to choose the right instruments and benchmark your performance continuously. Cogencis WorkStation lets you analyse and choose the right instruments for maximising investment yields. The WorkStation also lets you automate your portfolio valuation with Microsoft Excel Integration.

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